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At HVAC Jacksonville, we understand how frustrating it can sometimes be when you need your ac repaired or replaced. Similar to an automobile mechanic, most of the time you have no other choice but to just trust the technician expertise. We do not take this trust lightly, which is why we provide a free consumer guide available for download. We feel by educating a potential client and being completely transparent about AC repair in Jacksonville, we can strengthen that trust even more. This way, when we recommend a repair or replacement, you will be confident you are not being charged for something you don’t need, and most importantly, getting the best deal in Jacksonville.

HVAC Jacksonville How Can We Help?

We service every major make and model of air conditioning and heating unit made. If it cools or heats your home, we can service it, repair it or replace it. All of our technicians are trained in the newest technologies available. In fact, we require our technicians to pass an assessment test on the latest air conditioning systems available. This insures your new system will be installed quickly and correctly the first time.

In addition to having superstar technicians, as a company, HVAC Jacksonville keeps an extremely low overhead. Which, as you probably guessed, means lower prices all around. We keep all our costs to an absolute minimum. You won’t see hundreds of our trucks around town, or hear tons of our radio commercials, and even our headquarters is a bit understated. All because of one reason, a low overhead means our customers pay less. Simple.

Our clients are often very surprised when they call the other guys first and then get a quote from HVAC Jacksonville.  Our prices aren’t just better, they’re outstanding.

HVAC Jacksonville Benefits of the HVAC Jacksonville Consumer Guide

We really encourage clients to check out our free eBook. It’s filled with a lot of information in an easy to read PDF. When you are finished reading it, you will have a much better idea as to what repairs you can do yourself, what service should be done by a professional, and what air conditioning system is best for you home.

Here is an excerpt from the guide:

The “Whole House” Approach To HVAC

The goal of HVAC is to provide indoor comfort and good health. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning exist in the context of a house or building. The part of the structure that affects contact between the inside and outside air is called the “envelope”.

Weaknesses in the envelope, such as poor attic insulation or air leaks around windows and doors increase the load on the air conditioning system through unnecessary heat gain and on the heating system through unnecessary heat

When planning to make changes or improvements in your HVAC system, be sure to include a well thought out overall plan that coordinates the HVAC equipment and the envelope. Taking a “whole house” approach helps you avoid “weak links” and brings you greater comfort and lower bills more efficiently.

As an air conditioning system ages, it naturally requires more repairs as ordinary wear takes its toll. In addition to age, repairs usually stem from inadequate maintenance and can be divided into one of the following categories: refrigerant leaks, control or electrical component failure, drainage problems, and major component failure.

HVAC Jacksonville

HVAC Jacksonville Our Prices

You probably won’t hear the other guys recommend this, but we love it when clients have already shopped around. So feel free to get estimates elsewhere, because we love to show off.  It’s a great feeling when after we’ve accessed a clients needs, checked out their existing system and given a free estimate, we hear “Wow! The other guys were going to charge me so much more!”  It really is a great feeling to save people that much money!

HVAC Jacksonville Client Testimonials for HVAC Jacksonville

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“”HVAC Jacksonville came out shortly after I called them when my air conditioner stopped working. The gentleman who arrived was prompt, courteous and knew what he was doing. He examined the system and figured out the problem in a few minutes. He went to his truck to grab whatever tools he needed, came back inside and within half an hour my air was back on. I’ve dealt with other companies who come to check my unit only to realize they don’t have the right parts to complete the job. It was nice to see the job completed on one visit rather than waiting hours or a whole day without air!”  Milly G. – Jacksonville, FL

“I moved into a new house about six months ago and my energy bills have been higher than they’ve ever been. I called around asking if it could be a problem with the system and two companies sent men out to check the system only to tell me everything was fine. HVAC Jacksonville came out and told me that my system was over ten years old and that’s why my bills are so high. I replaced the unit with one they recommended in my price range and my bills dropped significantly the first month. Thanks for imparting your knowledge and helping me lower my bills.” Steven L.—Neptune Beach, FL

“I called around to four different companies before finally calling HVAC Jacksonville for a quote on a new air conditioner. They sent a rep to my house who did a thorough inspection of the home (more than anybody else did) and made his recommendation. I thought the price would be sky high considering the attention that was paid to the estimate, but it turned out to be the lowest of the five estimates and I went with them. The installers showed up five minutes before the appointment and were clean and courteous throughout the installation. Everything’s working fine a month later and I’d go with HVAC Jacksonville for any other A/C needs!”  Angela H.—Jacksonville, FL

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